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Since the release of Halo 3, the art of taking screenshots with the amazing theatre feature has attracted a lot of interest from various parts of the Halo 3 and the Bungie fan base. Everyday, new screenshots using various techniques and effects appear in numerous fan’s and photographer’s fileshares, on Bungie‘s official website (, and in other various places across the World Wide Web. Also, countless fan groups have been created to celebrate and discuss the love of Halo 3 Screenshot Photography, and Bungie even features a small selection of screenshots on their own personal fileshare known as Bungie favorites.Halo 3 recently celebrated its one year anniversary. During this wonderful year, many amazing screenshots and screenshot photographers have appeared. In honor of this milestone in screenshot photography, several noted screenshot photographers (myself included), have decided to seek out and showcase the cream of the crop, the best of the best, whatever it is that you say. Now that it has indeed been over a year, we have decided that this would be a great opportunity to showcase and compete with a huge screenshot competition related around the whole community, not just one group or one chapter of and Halo 3’s fan base. Show us screenshots (whether they are your screenshots, or the ones that you feel are the best of the best), and help us in our quest to catalogue the best representation of the first year of Halo 3 Screenshot Photography. This project will be sure to help insure the continuing support of the Halo 3 Screenshot photographers and fans alike and instill a sense of pride into those who made it what it is. If you still don’t get what we’re hinting at, we’re talking about The Ultimate Screenshot Competition… It has a pretty epic ring to it, don’t you think?

Tru7th, Carnage, Bungie.

“Oh, Just another ordinary screenshot competition” is what you are probably thinking… Well think again. This competition will stand out from all of the others, filtering the best from the best. But It cannot be done without some help and effort from you! What I mean by this is that you guys will be submitting Halo 3 screenshots to each of these categories:

Forge Art – A screenshot made by using weapon art, object placement, anything changed in forge to enhance the screenshot.

Scenery Screenshot – A screenshot taken in Halo 3 showcasing the beautiful scenery (you may use effects or keep it clean) by scenery I mean beautiful nature, a cool sunset things like that.

Classic Halo 3 Screenshot Art – The good ol’ explosion screenshots, any type of weapon used to create an explosion, it can have an elite or spartan or just an explosion.

Effect Screenshot Art – A screenshot using weird effect, it can include an explosion but try to have something with it, things like other weapons being shot to change color and such. (ex. jEEborz’s “Halo” or
Jdars1804’s “Split Emotional“).

Miscellaneous Halo 3 Screenshot Art – A type of screenshot that doesn’t have to do with any of the above categories.

20 screenshots will be picked per category, after our amazing judges pick those it will be up to you guys to vote for the top ten screenshots! There will be a poll to make it completely fair, I promise. So now that you know what you will be submitting, lets tell you the purpose… The purpose of this contest it to Showcase the best of the best screenshots and artists. Hopefully opening the communities’ eyes to true beautiful Screenshot art. Okay! Now that you understand (hopefully lulz) I bet you are all wondering, “OMG! OMG! OMG! How can I submit Shots and enter!?!?!” Well, it is quite simple, and if you are still interested, I suggest reading on for a list of Rules and Regulations and Submitting info, or look at the official rules and regulation page to your left.

How to Submit:

Pick the Screenshot you wish to submit.

Gather the links and email to

In this email you must include one of your own screenshots, to ensure you are who you say you are and prevent cheating.

You may submit 3 of your own screenshots and 4 of other people’s screenshots at max. Anything more than that will be ignored.

NO Attached Files, or all emails will be ignored from your address.

All links must be to Screenshots on Any other website will be ignored. (we do this to ensure there is no photoshopping screenshots)


Still having trouble understanding? Have a Question? Send an email to “ Or message any of the judges at


Ok, cool! Now how will the winners be decided?

Quite simple actually…. It will look a little something like this: All of our judges will be working together on deciding 100 screenshots total. Twenty screenshots per category. And once we have those done we will set up a poll, which is where where you come in! (Again… :P) Now you guys get to vote for your top twenty favorite screenshots for each category! After we decide when to end it, we will give you the results and now you can browse the top 100 best Halo 3 Screenshots!

Oh my Gawd!!! Awesome. Soo… Who will be judging / picking the screenshots from which we choose the best of those best?

Well, we have picked some of the best known and best qualified for this job. These judges will range from Graphic Artists, Pro Screenshot takers, to judges from other contests, or people with a good eye for art!


Jdars1804 – Organizer, Judge and All-around Halo 3 Artist

SCOTTY OWNS U – Writer, Judge and Halo 3 Photographer

mr fareniet – Writer and Halo 3 Photographer

Predator5791 – Judge and Pro Forge Artist

Rokit – Judge and Community Member that has a good eye for art and has hosted contests in the past

jEEborz – Judge and awesome Halo 3 Photographer

C A U S 7 I C – Judge and Amazing Halo 3 Graphic Artist

bs angel – Judge and the amazing lady behind

Duardo – Judge and the one and only. Forum Ninja and artist



Now start submitting!

GO! Now! 🙂

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