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Humpday 1

Aberrant Designs vs. Facility B5D: 11.29.08

While it wasn’t the most structured or productive Humpday, we finally got one and completed it. There were some problems at first with getting players for both teams but we got a good 5 games in and had some whacky fun. While it wasn’t official for Facility B5D, Aberrant Designs still count it as a successful one. Here’s a link and a description to all the games that were played. Aberrant Designs won overall with a 3-2 record.

Game 1: Brute Race on Standoff Speed
To start with a more of a screw around game, CBTrigger chose Brute Race. A version of Rocket Race, but with Brute Shots and grenades. It was rather hectic as Facility B5D players beat Aberrant Designs to some of the checkpoints, but didn’t have their VIP with them. AD ended up winning 10 to 4 (SCOTTY OWNS U of Aberrant Designs drove all of the AD VIP’s to the checkpoint areas).

Aberrant Designs One

Dusty Boy T gets thrown into the air with his mongoose after a brute shot explodes right next to him

Dusty Boy T

Aberrant Designs Two

CBTrigger looks to the right to see two of his teamates after Aberrant Designs scores their first point, driven in by SCOTTY OWNS U



Final Score, 10-4 Aberrant Designs


Game 2: CTF on No Man’s Land
Next, B5D BeLoVeD decided on some CTF. Little did Aberrant Designs know we had to go through a field of turrets. So Scotty took a shortcut and snatched the flag all 3 times for another AD victory. The final score was 3 to 1.


Phenomenon IV scorches me after beating down B5D BeLoVeD in Game 2

Phenomenon IV, me, B5D BeLoVeD


Final Score, 3-1 Aberrant Designs with SCOTTY OWNS U driving in all the points for AD

Game 3: Team Oddball on Distortion
After jdars left, Aberrant Designs made Phil a temporary member of AD so both teams didn’t have to spend anymore time trying to find someone. This time CBTrigger got to choose, so he chose the most confusing map, Distortion. The game did have some lag but everyone was to busy trying to figure which way was up at first. After the confusion past, Scotty grabbed the ball and found a hole to hide in. This was another quick one in AD’s favor. Final score, 100 to 64.


Phenomenon IV climbs up the whacky floor at smacks SCOTTY OWNS U for a kill

Phenomenon IV, SCOTTY OWNS U


Everyone is confused in this whacky map

CBTrigger, B5D BeLoVeD, Singularity7, Unknown, Phil 0023


SCOTTY OWNS U sees Scorpulus and starts shooting

SCOTTY OWNS U, Scorpulus


Final Score, 100-64 Aberant Designs

Game 4: MLG Slayer on The Pit
It was B5D’s turn and Scorpulus picked a MLG gametype. Unfortunately, there was some lag throughout the game. We fought hard but it wasn’t enough to stop Scorpulus and Singularity7 from kicking our ass. B5D won with the final score 50 to 45.

Game 5: Team Monster Trucks on Monster Jam
After MoleN got back on, Aberrant Designs switched him out with Phil. Unfortunatly for MoleN, the final game was a screw around one. CBTrigger decided to turn Moster Trucks into a team game and it seemed more hectic than it usually is. AD took an early lead thanks to some tripmines Trig threw around. Then B5D caught up and it was even til about the 5th-6th round. Then B5D blew AD away thanks to Beloved getting several splatters near the end. Final score was 166 to 95, another win for Facility B5D.


Chase is on

“Chase is on”

Obi Wan Stevobi, Jdars1804, Mini Waz, Mmack674




SniperStealth, Achilles1108, Obi Wan Stevobi, Gmack674, Mmack674




Jdars1804, Obi Wan Stevobi, Mini Waz, Mmack674, Gmack674, mr farheneit, S1NESTER

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